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This page is a tribute, to one of my favorite bands of all time, a band which also inspired the curent website you are on. I’m curious how many of you have listened to Alchemy-X? I can still remember the first show I attended. Here’s a little bit about them!


Band Biography:

Artist description

Critically compared to prog acts like Dream Theatre and Fates Warning, Alchemy X nonetheless has managed to carve out their own niche in the very underground scene that is progessive metal here in the U.S. At times sounding heavier than the aforementioned bands, AX has also drawn comparisons to Iron Maiden and Savatage in that modality, as well as contemporaries in the field like Symphony X, Aztec Jade and Defyance All these characterizations have merit, depending upon which album or song one is hearing at the moment. The superior Petrucci-esque guitar work of twin 7-string ax-men Chris Fox and Rob Schreiber finds the perfect balance between furious riffing and bottom-end heavyness, while Steve Ratchen is quite possibly the only person who effectively plays seven string bass guitar upside down! This strange configuration further adds to AX’s unique sound. Ratchen also adds everything from atmospheric strings to classical piano, laying texture to the bands more lush pieces. Drummer Chris Scorsese also walks the fine line between Neil Peart percision and all-out thrashing. The addition of former Attacker/Sleepy Hollow singer Bob Mitchell turns the tried and true formula of Geoff Tate type vocals for a heady prog outfit on its ear! Mitchell’s famous rasp kicks it into high gear, but his fans will be more than surprised at the justice he does the softer, almost ballad-esque counterpoints on AX’s new album. Dark imagery, great intellectualized lyrcis from Ratchen and Mitchell, and top-notch musicianship are Alchemy X’s calling cards, and fans of “A Delicate Balance” will not be disappointed with their new sound or effort.

Music Style
Progressive Metal

Past Members:
Martin Morin (vocals on “A Delicate Balance” album 1999)
Bob Mitchell (vocals on “11:59:59” album)

Steve Ratchen is endorsed by and uses Conklin 7-String GT-7 bass guitars exclusively; Chris Scorsese is endoresed by and uses Vater Sticks exclusively

A Delicate Balance (1999); 11:59:59 (2002)

Band Member Biographies:

Full Name: Chris Scorsese
Date of Birth: July 11, 1965
Place of Birth: Brooklyn, New York
Instrument/Brand Played:
Drum Equipment:

  • Tama and Ludwig drums Pastie cymbals Old zildjians and sabian cymbals
  • Vater Sticks
  • Saluda Cymbals
  • Aquarian Drum Heads
  • Pearl Pedals
  • Gibraltar Cage Systems

Recording Equipment:

  • Mackie Boards
  • Alesis DM5 Drum Machine
  • DBX Gate Compressor
  • Rane Mono and Stereo EQ.
  • Apple G4 Digital Performer
  • Behringer Board – Motu 2408
  • Behringer MX 8000 Eurodesk mixing console
  • behringer 1953 pre amps
  • Motu 2408 Recording Mics
  • Shure SM 57 Audix Mics
  • Shure Vocal KSM32/SL marshall MXL-V67
  • KRK-V 6 Studio Monitors

Bands Before Alchemy X:
-Too many to list, I only care about Alchemy X.
Favorite Alchemy X Song: Requiem By Moonlight
Influences that play your instrument:
Cozy Powell, Neil Peart, John Bohnam, Scott Rockinfield, Mike Portanoy, Dave Weckl and many more…
Other bands you listen to:
Kid Rock, Arrson, Rush, Judas Priest, Led Zeppelin, Queensryche, Dream Theater, Pink Floyd, Ted Nugent, Police, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Ozzy, Dio, Life of Agony, .FUCKING BIOHAZARD, Deftones, Slipknot, Fear Factory, Tapping Vein, Drill, Orange 9 mm
General Comments: None at this time!


Full Name: Steven D Ratchen
Date of Birth: January 29, 1966
Place of Birth: Jersey City, New Jersey
Instrument/Brand Played:

  • Conklin Groove Tools 7 string bass
  • Conklin Bill Dickens model 7 string bass
  • Alesis QS6 Synth

Years Playing: Bass guitar for 19 years, guitar for 19 years, and keyboards/piano for 29 years.
Bands Before Alchemy X:
Lead singer/bassist/keyboardist for Trinity 1985-87 same for Dominion 1988-91.
Favorite Alchemy X Song: Sister because it shows all facets of our playing ability,stylistics and dynamics all in one song
Influences that play your instrument:
Geddy Lee, John Entwistle, Steve Harris, Joey Dimaio J.S. Bach Other bands you listen to: Rush, Queensryche, Fates Warning, Marillion, Concrete Blonde, The Tea Party, Slayer, Kansas
General Comments: I think Alchemy is a very apt moniker for this band, because we have all sacrificed a little of our personal thunder, so to speak, to synthesize the material into cohesive, yet complex compositions that work as “songs” as well as technically challenging pieces, both muscially and lyrically-but not so “over the top” that they alienate anyone who isn’t a “musicians musician” I think that is what, perhaps, differentiates us from many, so-called progressive bands -this being said in all humility from someone not known for being humble.


Full Name: Tom Engel
Date of Birth: 1/13/77
Place of Birth: Glen Ridge, NJ
Instrument/Brand Played: Vocals..I use basically any microphone that I can wrap my manly hands around
Years Playing: 13
Bands Before Alchemy X: Mostly shit that never made its way out of the basement.
Current Projects: I’m Also working on various writing projects of my own.
Favorite Alchemy X Songs: ‘A Kiss Before Dying’ and ‘Renaissance’.
Influences that play your instrument: Russell Allen, James LaBrie, Geoff Tate, Devin Townsend, Billy Joel, Sebastian Bach, Ann Wilson, Freddie Mercury, Zak Stevens, Ray Alder, Rob Halford.
Other Bands I Listen To: Symphony X, Dream Theatre, Queensryche, Skid Row, Heart, Queen, Enchant, Savatage, Pain of Salvation, Marillion, Rush, Yes, Kansas, Journey, Judas Priest, Fates Warning, Kamelot, Disturbed, Tool, Sevendust, AIC, Saliva, Shinedown, Faith No More, Genesis, Jethro Tull.
General Comments: I just like to sing! Singing’s my favorite!

Full Name: Robert A. Schreiber
Date of Birth: September 11, 1970
Place of Birth: Marshfield, Wisconsin
Instrument/Brand Played:

  • Guitar– Ibanez -6 & 7 String
  • Ovation -Acoustics, Yamaha -Nylon & 12 string Acoustics
  • Mesa Boogie Amps/Lexicon Gear/ anything that sounds good…. Long Live Gear!

Years Playing:
Bands Before Alchemy X:
Too many to mention besides the one with my buds back home.. Vision -Hats off to Scott and Tony, you guys ROCK!! I couldn’t have gotten this far without them to bitch to all the time.
Favorite Alchemy X Song:
Requiem By Moonlight/Kiss before Dying w/outro from the new CD..
Influences that play your instrument:
In the early Days.. George Lynch, Paul Gilbert,Reb Beach, Eddy, Rhodes, as I’ve gotten on in my days… The obvious – Chris P. Fox – wit dem crissspy licks! John Petrucci, Steve Morse,Al DiMeola, Steve Travato, Robben Ford,& the list goes on and on… Anyone who makes the hair on my neck stand up!!!
Other Bands I Listen to:
Rush, Journey, Kansas,Dokken,Pink Floyd, Yes, Dream Theater, Fates Warning, Queensryche, Tim McGraw, Garth Brooks, Charlie Daniels, ZZ Top, Robben Ford (Great Tone). Yanni, Green Day, Shania Twain (Whatababe) T.Bone Farruggio. General Comments:
I can’t thank God enough for giving me an ability to express myself through music and being able to share it with people in the world. Alchemy X is in such an early stage. We have barely begun to scratch the suface of our abilities as writers and musicians.. Through the years to come there will be much music made from these people and we hope to get it to you all.
Personal Note:
It’s in the making. but I would like to add a link to other projects I’ve done.. The Chris Wilson project is being recorded in april and Vision is going to re-release our demo CD with some new material! By then Alchemy X should have the 2nd CD done and I’ll have a total of 4 under my belt! 🙂 Just trying to make full use of the website.


Full Name: Christopher Fox
Date of Birth: March 27, 1968
Place of Birth: New York Fuckin’ City
Instrument/Brand Played:

  • Ibanez 7-Strings
  • 2 Custom built strats(ESP+Charvel)

Years Playing: Consciously-15yrs
Bands Before Alchemy X:
No band comes before Alchemy X..LOL…a few that went nowhere
Favorite Alchemy X Song: Sister for it’s plethora of emotion, time changes,and styles and A Kiss Before Dying (on upcoming CD – basically Sister’s cousin )
Influences that play your instrument:
George Lynch,Steve Vai,Joe Satriani,John Petrucci,Edward Van Halen,Neil Schon,Rob Schreiber
Other Bands You Listen to:
Dream Theater, Rush, Journey, Korn, BIOHAZARD!!!, and tons of jazz/classical music
General Comments:
I would love to devote my time to just this project because we have so many thoughts, feelings, imagery, dreams & poetry…a lot of unfinished business to relay to the world.I would like to say that I hope the bands that are in the spotlight right now understand and make full use of the fact that they have been given a gift and understand how fortunate they are to have the opportunity to play to the world.


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