Free Riot Points in League of Legends

free riot points

So, you know I’ve been playing League of Legends for the past months. But what I didn’t tell you is that I have a little dark secret, one which I will share with all of you today.

League of Legends has a lot of cool skins and customisable stuff for its characters, but the downside is that they cost money. Quite a lot of it actually. Buying 3250 Riot Points will cost you around 30 euros, which in my opinnion is a lot of money.

I wanted those character skins so much, especially the Rek’Sai one, but I needed too much money to buy them all. So I started doing some research for other methods to obtain them.

I found out a lot of fake riot point generators online, but after a lot of research I finally found a working one, which seems to use a backdoor in the Riot Game Server. I’m not too much of a techie person, but bottom line is, I GOT MY RIOT POINTS!

I got many of them and I was able to buy all the skins I want!

Now, I believe that some of you reading my blog play LoL as well and I thought that I’d make your day by sharing this with you.

So, if you want to get some free riot points just click on the magic words! Enjoy guys!

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